Pesticide Applicator Training
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General Farming 100/101

A. Printed Manual: GENERAL FARMING (Private)
Private applicators can purchase their training materials either at the County Extension Office or here. However, the test is given by the County Extension Office.

Some County Extension Offices are giving the test some are not. Please contact your County Extension Office to find out if it is or not.

8TH ED PRIVATE: $30.00 (CAT100/101) Add to Cart

B. Online Private Applicator Training
NEWS RELEASE: If you are recertifying and your certification ended after Jan 31, 2020 - it has been extended to Dec 31, 2021.

Private Applicator online training can be done in place of attending a county based training. You will be required to attend this complete training. Please allow yourself approximately 4 hours to complete the training. Training can be taken at any time during the 14 day access period. Leaving the training part way through will be considered incomplete.

To assure attendance, there are code words in the training that have to be entered at the end. Failure to enter these code words is an incomplete. There are two 15 minute breaks in the training.

Test not included. Please contact your County Extension Office to schedule a test.

You will have from the first of the month to the 14 to complete the training. An email with a link and a password will be sent to you no more than four days before the first day of the month you have selected. At completion of the training, you will be emailed a receipt that you will have to show the County Extension proctor to get the "attended training" passing grade.

6) June: $10.00 (CAT 100f) Add to Cart
7) July: $10.00 (CAT 100h) N/A
8) August: $10.00 (CAT 100i) Add to Cart

Z. Online Test for Temporary Certification
Friday, July 30 will be the last day of registration for the online test for temporary certification. Those that register before 3:00 pm on July 30 will receive the email with link to take the test. The link will be good till August 15th at midnight to take the test.
This online test provides a temporary certification that expires on Dec 31, 2021.
Category 100/101, General Farming has an online certification test available or register for the temporary certification test below.

You must have purchased the training fee with book from your Extension County Office or item A above before you can register for a test. You will have to provide the 6-numbered UW PAT number, found on the tear out Training Registration Form in your manual before getting access to the test.

You will need a functional email address to continue.

Once you have filled the online form out and submitted, you will receive an email a few days before the start of the month. You will have access till the end of the month you selected.

If you are a recertifying applicator you will have to enter your certification number into the test. If you can¿t read your certification card, you may be able to look yourself up HERE.

If you have never been certified before you will have to either call DATCP at 608-224-4548 or download the following FORM and mail it in to DATCP at the address provided at the top of the form to provide your Social Security Number. This is required by State Law before certification can be issued. Do not send it to the University of Wisconsin.


There is no charge for the test.


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